Meet Your Team

Assistant Branch Manager
Steve Evans

Starting his career in the yard, Steve has climbed the ranks to move into management in the merchanting industry. It means he’s had 15 years learning the ins and outs of the industry, with exceptional knowledge across many product areas.

The new challenge the new MKM branch brings excites Steve; he’s looking forward to building new relationships with customers in the area.

Steve tells us he’s the 3 times undisputed World Breakdance Champion. Something we may need to see to believe. And when he’s not practicing those moves, he likes to spend time relaxing with his wife and family. 

Showroom/P&H Specialist
Robert Nelson

Robert’s degree in business and finance gives him an excellent basis for his on the job knowledge which he has built up over 10 years with another merchant, climbing from yard to management.

His experience doesn’t just span different levels, but covers all product areas within MKM Sharston.

At the new branch his role focuses on plumbing and heating, as well as developing the kitchen and bathroom offering. He’ll be on hand to help with showroom queries, consultations and take offs alongside his knowledge covering the other products on offer in the branch.

Robert is looking forward to hitting the ground running, building up the customer base and working alongside the strong team both in Sharston and in the support team in the MKM support office. 

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